– = GOAL = –
Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Return of Bydgoszcz to the Motherland

The event is organized by the following ham radio clubs: Scout Ham Radio Club EMITER SP2ZCI together with Bydgoszcz Ham Radio club SP2PBY and Ham Radio Club “Enigma” SP2PBM of Polish Amateur Radio Union.
Patronate: Bydgoszcz branch of Polish Amateur Radio Union.

Any licensed amateur radio station, club, and an individual, as well as SWLs, located in Poland and abroad, following the provisions of their license, can participate in the event.

– = DATES = –
The event will take place from January 17th, 2020 up to January 31st, 2020.

Event stations will work on all bands from 160m to 4m including WARC using CW, SSB, DIGI – all DIGI modes count as one, and on 2m and 70cm using FM mode. QSOs via repeaters do not count.

Requirements for amateurs and SWLs are the same. For the SWL report to be accepted, callsigns of correspondents need to match the event station log, and the time difference between the report and the log cannot be bigger than 3 minutes.
To gain a diploma, one needs to gain:

  • 100 points – SP stations,
  • 50 points – stations from outside SP.

for QSOs with the following special event stations: HF100BY, SP100BY, SN100BY, 3Z100BY.

Stations from SP must make at least one QSO with every special event station, and stations from outside of Poland must make at least 1 QSO with 2 different special event stations. The event station will grant points for every QSO on a new band or with new mode as follows:

  • CW – 20 pts
  • PHONE – 15 pts
  • DIGI – 10 pts

QSOs and points will be counted using logs of the special even stations. Logs from correspondents are not required. QSL cards are welcome.

– = DIPLOMAS = –
Electronic diplomas to be downloaded from the event website
SWLs that wish to get a diploma should send their logs by email up to February 10th, 2020 to the following address:
Diplomas for SWLs will be sent back (after receiving their logs) by email up to February 29th, 2020.

Decisions of the event committee are final. Persons that are responsible for provisions of the rules and settlement of disputes: Witek SP2JBJ, Roman SP2DDX, Krzysztof SQ2JK.

In case of disputes, the abovementioned committee has a final word.